Launch Proposal Plan B

Plan B Proposal Details

Representatives from the BLA board made a second delegation to Minden Hills Council on April 25, 2019 (see agenda here). The following is a list of documents contained within our delegation package which members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with:

Plan B Proposal Rejected

During the June 13th 2019 Committee of the Whole meeting, the Planning department presented report #19-043 to Council in response to our Plan B proposal/delegation. The report states its purpose is to seek Council’s affirmation of its direction not to pursue expropriation of any private lands in light of the owner’s unwillingness to sell or donate a small parcel of his property, which the BLA had already determined and presented. It appears they asked the owner a question for which they already had the answer, and then decided based on that to go no further…without sharing any further justification or correspondence with the BLA! Very disappointing considering the amount of work that went into finding and documenting a solution that addressed every concern cited against our original Claude Brown proposal