Safe Boating


To promote and facilitate safe boating and a safe boating environment on Bob Lake.


Bob Lake offers an almost ideal recreational boating environment:  small enough to invite canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding;  large enough to accommodate PWCs, water skiers and wakeboarders.  It possesses a variety of boating environments from its large open main body to a number of quiet bays and inlets where wildlife and nature are close at hand.  Attractive to fishermen are the lake’s stock of lake trout and small-mouth bass.

The enjoyment of all that Bob Lake’s waters have to offer depends on a few critical factors:

  • Awareness of one’s environment and potential hazards.
  • Awareness of and conformity to the laws and regulations.
  • Courtesy and respect.

It’s a resource that we all can share and enjoy safely and responsibly.


  1. To provide members with safe boating and boating regulation information.
  2. Under the advisement of Coast Guard Canada, to identify and mark shoals.
  3. To identify and post shoreline areas and narrows where speed limits and no wake zones are required.


  1. Post to the Association’s website active links to all relevant Federal boating regulations and guidelines and invite the membership to connect to them.
  2. Draw up a map identifying the locations of known shoals and other hazards.
  3. Determine the most appropriate actions to mark these hazards.
  4. Identify those areas of the lake where speed limits and/or “no wake zones” are needed.
  5. Determine the most appropriate means to post these areas.