About Us

The Bob Lake Association is a volunteer-based community organization that was established in 2017 to represent the common interests of Bob Lake property owners…

Our Priorities

Our association priorities are:
– Restoring public boat launch access
– Establishing a Lake Stewardship program
– Establishing a Safe Boating program

Hot Tips & Cool Bits!

The buzz on Drones… The poop on Minden Hills Septic Inspection… Hazards on Bob Lake get clearer!


Hazard Buoys Deployed

Let the Bob Lake Safe Boating season begin with today’s launch of our hazard buoys! Refer to our Hazard Marking web page for more details and our Maps web page for exact locations. You can contact us using the form…

TLB Needs Volunteers

The Land Between (TLB) is a Haliburton based charity organization that is dedicated to research and conservation across our treasured region. Mel Abberger, a volunteer and education coordinator with TLB (and “Turtle Technician”), reached out to the BLA asking if…

Healthcare Professions Wanted

A message from Haliburton County… Haliburton County: take daily for a better life There’s no better prescription right now than a permanent dose of Haliburton County. A life in our rural Highlands is a healthy, fulfilling antidote to the frustrations…

Bob Lake Fishing Webpage

Checkout of our new Fishing webpage with all the important information you and family needs to be a responsible angler on Bob Lake. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any ideas for additional content or want to…

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The Bob Lake History – Chapter 13

Goodbye January, and one month closer to cottage season!! To help you pass the time we’re releasing Chapter 13 in Greg Pyke’s The Bob Lake History series. This is a must-read chapter that you’re sure to enjoy – all about…

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The Bob Lake History – Chapter 12

Happy New Year!! What better way to welcome in 2022 then to checkout the newly released Chapter 12 in Greg Pyke’s The Bob Lake History series – the name of our lake and cottage associations. The next four chapters deal…

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