About Us

The Bob Lake Association is a volunteer-based community organization that was established in 2017 to represent the common interests of Bob Lake property owners…

Our Priorities

Our association priorities are:
– Restoring public boat launch access
– Establishing a Lake Stewardship program
– Establishing a Safe Boating program

Hot Tips & Cool Bits!

The buzz on Drones… The poop on Minden Hills Septic Inspection… Hazards on Bob Lake get clearer!


2021 Lake Stewards Newsletter

FOCA has just released its 2021 Lake Stewards Newsletter. This latest edition is packed with tips, tricks, and articles on protecting the health of our lakes – something we all care about deeply. Every one of us can do something…

Found Floating Things

We have a few items this spring that members have retrieved off the lake – a small floating dock, a ramp, and a sailboard (see pictures below). If you recognize any of these, or have any idea who the owner…

Hazard Buoys Deployed

It’s official – our Bob Lake Safe Boating season has started today with the launch of our hazard buoys! I’m also glad to report that our one errant buoy has been recovered, so we’re back to eight strong!! Refer to…

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 7

What better way to enjoy summer (finally here!!) at the cottage than checking out Chapter 7 in Greg Pyke’s series on The Bob Lake History?!? This chapter covers the Minden area developments from 1885 to 1904 – a hundred years…

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The Bob Lake History – Chapter 6

It’s that time again!! Announcing Chapter 6 in Greg Pyke’s series on The Bob Lake History!! This chapter covers the growth of Minden from 1871 to 1884. Get your history on!!

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The Bob Lake History – Chapter 5

It’s spring, and the May long weekend is just around the corner! But wait no longer for Chapter 5 in Greg Pyke’s series on The Bob Lake History!! This chapter covers the logging and the fur trade era of our…

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