Bob Lake Maps

Caution: These maps should not be used as a guide in navigation as they do not show all the various shoals, hazards or other perils which might be present in, on or in the vicinity of the lake. The Bob Lake Association, and its officers and agents are not responsible for damage to persons or property arising from or in connection with marking of shoals, hazards or other perils. While every effort is made to accurately identify and mark navigation hazards, natural forces cause changes to marked areas. Natural forces may also cause markers to be moved or dislocated. Please use caution when navigating in potentially hazardous areas. Please contact us at if you feel a hazard has not been marked, or is not marked accurately and is a danger to navigation on the lake.

Hazard & Depth Map

Click the map image to download a PDF showing hazards and depth readings.

Interactive Google Map

Explore our interactive Google Map showing hazard details. Select the “View larger map” icon in the upper right corner to open in a new larger window. For more information on “What3Words” visit