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Hazard Markers Removed

Our hazard marker buoys were removed from the lake today and replaced with the winter markers. Just one casualty – we lost our H6 buoy! It appears the rope loop got caught between some sharp rocks and worn through from the wave action. Please contact Dave Roberts ( or 647-278-0692) if you spot or manage to rescue our errant hazard marker buoy!

For more information please see our Hazard Marker webpage.

Haliburton County Internet Broadband Study

CHA is urgently asking all members to read this message from the County of Haliburton and to take action that will help support improvement to our Internet connectivity services!

Message from the County of Haliburton

Over the past months, the governments of Ontario and Canada have launched a number of programs to assist with funding the expansion of broadband internet. The County of Haliburton has decided to take steps to ensure government funding is secured to improve broadband internet connectivity in the underserved areas of our county.

We have identified an initial funding program (Improving Connectivity for Ontario or ICON Program) and are asking for your assistance to measure your actual internet experience.

Please go to, confirm your location, and START the speed test.

If possible, go back to the website and run the test at different times of the day. We are hoping to collect a significant set of datapoints by the end of October.

After analysing the data, we will proceed to approach various ISPs to solicit their interest in partnering with us to apply for funding assistance. The County has retained the services of Kuro Partners to assist with the analysis of the data and the application process.

If we are successful in engaging with one or more ISPs we will apply to the ICON program beginning in early winter 2020-2021. Funding announcements would be made in Spring 2022 at which point we would proceed to negotiate contracts with the government and the successful ISP.

Thank you for your assistance.

The Natural Edge

Are you a landowner concerned about the state of your shoreline’s health?

For a limited time, and thanks to partners at Watersheds Canada, The Land Between organization can offer free or reduced site visits and starter kits of native plants as well as other assistance in making your shore line more natural and habitat-healthy. Contact them at

Safe Boating Labour Day Weekend Update

Check out our Safe Boating Labour Day Weekend Update, which includes details on:

Be Bear Wise

As the summer season in bear country continues, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have been working hard to provide outreach, awareness and education to short-term and long-residents within our district, in regards to human-wildlife conflict prevention. The MNRF’s goal is to provide good, reliable information so residents in the area may be well informed to prevent any future wildlife conflicts, as well as what they should do if they encounter a bear in their area. Please take a few moments to view the information on their Be Bear Wise website ( and this short Instagram video.

Hazard Buoys Deployed

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions we were able put all eight hazard buoys out on the lake earlier today – just one week later than our ideal schedule. Refer to our Hazard Marking web page for more details and our Maps web page for exact locations. You can contact us using the form on our Safe Boating web page if you have any comments or questions.

Septic Tips

No doubt that COVID-19 has kept many of us away from the cottage. Despite that, here is a good reminder about your septic system from CHA for when restrictions ease and we find ourselves reunited with the lake again!!

BLAst – April 2020

Check out our April 2020 BLAst newsletter – AGM postponed, Safe Boating Action Plan update, boat launch update, and more!!

Important Safe Boating Update

The BLA’s Safe Boating Committee has been busy since last year’s AGM when our Safe Boating Action Plan was approved. This Action Plan included the installation of eight hazard markers and two speed signs at the north & south ends of the first narrows. Last fall the hazard marker bases with rope and winter floats were installed, and we’ve recently taken delivery of the Transport Canada approved hazard buoys. Also, the speed signs have been purchased and are ready to be installed. In support of all this, we have updated the Safe Boating page on our website, where you’ll find details on the hazard marking program, speed sign design, and two different maps highlighting the exact location and description of the marked hazards and speed signs.

Due to the pandemic, we will not be able to install the hazard buoys until we are given clearance by public health officials to be at the cottage and on the lake. In the interim, any boaters on the lake need to be cautious of the winter floats marking our eight hazard bases. These winter floats are 16-inch lengths of 2”x4” lumber painted white, and may have shifted from their proper location documented on our maps due to the winter ice conditions. Details of this can be found on our Hazard Marker webpage. Watch for further email updates and posts to our website as events unfold.

Sheltering-in-Place at the Cottage?

Please read the following letters recently sent out to all Bob Lakers. These contain important information for those considering an early run to the cottage as part of their COVID-19 strategy:

  • March 28 – containing several good cottage country COVID-19 references
  • March 29 – a letter from the Physicians of Haliburton County and a message from the Haliburton Highland Health Services (HHHS)

BLAst – March 2020

Check out our March 2020 BLAst newsletter – the first of our 2020 season. Another boat launch update, a reminder about your 2020 fees, a note about our new logo, and much more!!

FOCA Membership

FOCA membership is now available to BLA members not already with FOCA through their road association. For a small annual fee of $4 (increased in March 2020 from $3.50) added to your normal BLA membership dues you can join FOCA and take advantage of their many benefits (like discounts on cottage insurance, magazines, and much much more). Check out this 2-page document for a quick overview of why you should support FOCA along with a summary of the resources and benefits available to members. For more details visit FOCA’s Benefits section of their website.

See our Membership page for more details on how to pay your BLA fees.

New Logo!

Welcome to our new logo!! A huge thanks to Gerald Flach who has contributed many hours of his graphic design skills to create a series of new BLA logo formats. Watch for additional versions in the future designed specifically for different apparel options we’re working on. Gerald and his family have been BLA members since our inception in 2017. Checkout Gerald’s August Design Co. website to see more of his work or to contact him.

Ontario Budget Cuts That Could Impact Your Cottage Environment

Cottage Life has published a great article that summarizes a set of recent Ontario provincial government budget cuts on programs that are closely tied our cottage environment – a short and highly recommend read (see here).

Smart Ash?

What do you do with the ashes from your fireplace? Toss them in with your garbage or haul them out to that special place reserved at the dump? Or did you know that ashes are a completely natural material that is rich in much needed calcium?

It’s true! Ashes are full of calcium, and calcium is not just #20 on the periodic table, but an essential element for a healthy environment. So important that it’s one of the key measures we’re tracking as part of our Bob Lake Stewardship program (checkout our numbers here). So rather than dumping your ashes in the garbage – spread them around your property (maple trees will be especially thankful). Just be certain the ashes are completely extinguished (that should go without saying, but I’m just say’n!).

Want to learn more? The Friends of Muskoka Watershed have created a whole program around this called ASHMuskoka. Checkout their website to learn more about the science and benefits something as simple as this can have.

BLAst – November 2019

Check out our November 2019 BLAst newsletter! In this edition we wrap up the season with an update on the boat launch situation, as well as progress on both our Safe Boating and Lake Stewardship priorities.