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The Bob Lake History – Chapter 15

Another great chapter in Greg Pyke’s The Bob Lake History series – just in time before the summer ends! Check out Chapter 15 – dedicated to Bob Lake’s west side development. Some great stories and retro pics – enjoy!!

Rock the Dock on Bob Lake

Huge success!! Checkout our Rock the Dock webpage for the details.

2022 AGM

Our 2022 Annual General Meeting was held last Wednesday June 29 using Zoom’s virtual meeting platform. Thank you to those members who joined us – your attendance was critical for making our AGM a success!

A copy of the material presented can be found on our website here and a recording of the meeting can be viewed here.

New Slow/No-Wake Buoy

The Bob Lake Safe Boating Committee is pleased to announce that we have a new Slow/No-Wake buoy now installed leading into Bob Creek bay. You can see the exact placement by looking at our updated Maps web page. Feel free to contact us using the form on our Safe Boating web page if you have any comments or questions.

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 14

It’s been a while since the last chapter in Greg Pyke’s The Bob Lake History series was released, but wait no longer – Chapter 14 is hot off the press!! This chapter features how the east side of our lake evolved, which now includes Trellis Trail and Fleming road associations. Enjoy!!

Hazard Buoys Deployed

Let the Bob Lake Safe Boating season begin with today’s launch of our hazard buoys! Refer to our Hazard Marking web page for more details and our Maps web page for exact locations. You can contact us using the form on our Safe Boating web page if you have any comments or questions.

TLB Needs Volunteers

The Land Between (TLB) is a Haliburton based charity organization that is dedicated to research and conservation across our treasured region. Mel Abberger, a volunteer and education coordinator with TLB (and “Turtle Technician”), reached out to the BLA asking if we could share a message with our members. They are ramping up for their busy season with several programs planned, all of which are in need of volunteers. This is a great opportunity for kids and adults alike who are looking for a meaningful way to give back to our community and the environment. If you or anyone in your family is interested, then please don’t hesitate to connect with Mel and the TLB. Below is Mel’s full email with all the details.

Hello there!

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out today on behalf of The Land Between Charity. We are a conservation non-profit organization that is working to protect and restore natural spaces and wildlife in Southern Ontario’s last intact wilderness. We run community science and education programs that give local residents opportunities to help protect wildlife populations and connect with nature in a meaningful way.
As spring approaches, The Land Between is getting ready for our busy season, and we need all the help we can get. We run a variety of community science programs where community members help us survey their areas for wildlife and contribute to keeping native Ontario wildlife populations safe. Our Turtle Guardians program works to protect Ontario’s native turtle populations, while other programs work with snakes, birds, and invasive plant species. Most of our programs run from approximately the middle of May to the end of September. Volunteers can participate at any age and from almost anywhere in the province.

Based on the work that your organization does in the community, we think that your members and/or volunteer network might be interested in getting involved with Community Science programs with The Land Between. Below please find brief descriptions of each of our programs.

Turtle Guardians Community Science Programs:

  • Wetland Watchers – Survey wetlands to see what turtle species and other wildlife are using these ecosystems.
  • Road Researchers – Monitor roads to help turtles cross safely and make sure that injured and nesting turtles get the care and help they need.
  • Nest Sitters – Watch over nesting turtles and their nests to protect them from the threats of roads and predators.
  • Crossing Guards – Help monitor a high road mortality “hotspot” by helping turtles cross the road safely and making sure injured and nesting turtles get the help they need.

The Land Between Community Science Programs:

  • Phragmites Fighters – Help locate and remove stands of invasive Phragmites australis or European common reed to protect our native wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Snake Supervisors – Survey for snakes in your backyard or around your area while you are out walking or biking.
  • Nightjar Surveys – Listen and look for Nightjar birds along specific routes near you during their peak breeding and calling season.
  • Backyard Whip-Poor-Will Challenge – Tell us if you can hear this heritage species from your property.

Volunteers can register for our programs using the link attached.
This link will take you to the Community Science registration page, where you can learn more about our programs, register to volunteer your time, and get updates about training workshops. You can register for multiple programs at once. Once you are registered, our staff will be in touch to help you register for a training workshop for your specific program.

We hope to get more people involved with local community science projects and connected with nature, and would appreciate it if you could send this email around to your members, volunteer networks, and anyone else that may be interested.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your time, and have a great day!


Mel Abberger
Volunteer and Education Co-ordinator | Turtle Technician
The Land Between | Turtle Guardians
(705) 457-1222

Bob Lake Fishing Webpage

Checkout of our new Fishing webpage with all the important information you and family needs to be a responsible angler on Bob Lake. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any ideas for additional content or want to share your Bob Lake fishing tales!!

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 13

Goodbye January, and one month closer to cottage season!! To help you pass the time we’re releasing Chapter 13 in Greg Pyke’s The Bob Lake History series. This is a must-read chapter that you’re sure to enjoy – all about the fascinating development of our Bob Lake that started along the north shore.

Something else to look forward to – the CBC’s episode of Still Standing , that features the town of Minden and was filmed onsite back in September of 2020, is airing on Wednesday February 2nd at 8pm. Turn into CBC to watch it live, or watch it on CBC’s GEM.

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 12

Happy New Year!! What better way to welcome in 2022 then to checkout the newly released Chapter 12 in Greg Pyke’s The Bob Lake History series – the name of our lake and cottage associations.

The next four chapters deal specifically with Bob Lake cottagers and will only be as good as the information that Greg has. If you have any old papers, maps, or photos of your cottage, your family at the cottage, or your section of the lake then please send them in as soon as possible. Chapter 13 about the north end of Bob Lake comes out next month.

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 11

Announcing a very special treat as we put the wraps on 2021 – the release of Chapter 11 in Greg Pyke’s The Bob Lake History series – the all picture edition! Admit it – the pictures are your favourite part!! OK, there are few lengthy captions in here, but you’re going love taking a picture book ride from the years 1615 through 1970 – enjoy.

Healthcare Professions Wanted

A message from Haliburton County…

Haliburton County: take daily for a better life

There’s no better prescription right now than a permanent dose of Haliburton County. A life in our rural Highlands is a healthy, fulfilling antidote to the frustrations and annoyances of life in the city.

Up here in cottage country we genuinely appreciate the role that Physicians play in the health and wellbeing of our communities. Not just as dedicated carers and healers, but as leaders when we need them most.

The good news is that our County currently has multiple full-time Physician, Nurse Practitioner and Nurse positions available…and we know these coveted roles will be in high demand from medical professionals looking for that perfect work/life balance.

For Physicians looking to choose how and when they want to work (and play), we also have flexible opportunities to work part-time as a summer locum or just a few shifts in our ER.

What’s more, our Physician Recruitment Program offers a Return of Service incentive of up to a maximum of $150,000 over 6 years for Physicians moving to our area to practice Family and/or Emergency Medicine.

And we have a truly wonderful team of allied professionals who are ready to welcome you.

Ready to move to cottage country? Then please email our Physician Recruitment Co-ordinator, Wendy Welch, at or call her on 705-935-0314 to start planning your new life in the Haliburton Highlands.

Haliburton County: side effects may include job satisfaction and a healthier lifestyle

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 10

Announcing the release of Chapter 10 in Greg Pyke’s The Bob Lake History series entitled The Growth of Minden and Area (1946-1964). Uncover fascinating details on the beginnings behind many very recognizable elements of Minden and Bob Lake, as Greg takes us into the more “recent” years!

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 9

Here’s another Bob Lake History chapter – just in time before the snow flies!! Check out Chapter 9 covering the growth of Minden and area from 1930 to 1946.

Hazard Markers Removed

Our hazard marker buoys were removed from the lake today and replaced with the winter markers. We added extra floatation this year – mostly empty RV anti-freeze jugs that I had hanging around. Thankfully we didn’t lose any this year – all 8 buoys are safely tucked away for the winter!

Expect another notice in the May when the hazard buoys are relaunched. Also, watch for a Why Wakes Matter campaign coming from us in the spring. Until then, have a safe and enjoyable off-season!!

For more information please see our Hazard Marker webpage.

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 8

As we begin to put a wrap on the 2021 cottaging season, and reflect on Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, why not enjoy the next chapter in Greg Pyke’s series on The Bob Lake History! Check out Chapter 8 which covers the growth of Minden and area (1910-1930).