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The Bob Lake History – Chapter 4

I know you’ve been counting down the days, but wait no longer – Chapter 4 is here!! This next chapter in Greg Pyke’s series on The Bob Lake History covers the development of our Minden village – circa 1860 through 1870 (when I was minus 100ish :).

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 3

We’re pleased to announce the release of Chapter 3 in Greg Pyke’s series on The Bob Lake History. This chapter covers the genesis of Haliburton’s villages – circa 1848 through 1860.

For those needing more to satisfy their itch for local history, the CBC has released For Heaven’s Sake this week: an 8-part documentary about Harold Heaven who lived on Horseshoe Lake and mysteriously disappeared in 1934. It was filmed in and around the Minden area during the winter of 2020 by Harold’s great-great nephew trying to solve the family’s 86-year mystery. Pamela and I caught the first three episodes tonight and give it two big thumbs up!! You can stream it for free on CBC’s GEM (here).

BLA Town Hall Wraps!

Many thanks to everyone that joined us for our first virtual town hall on February 20th. We had 55 on the Zoom call plus another 25 watching on YouTube! For those who couldn’t join, you can watch the recording on YouTube (link here). The town hall slide material can be downloaded here, and Chris Johnston’s (MECP) presentation on blue-green algae blooms can be downloaded here.

The Bob Lake History – Chapter 2

It’s official and hot of the press – Greg Pyke’s Chapter 2 in his series on The Bob Lake History has been released! This chapter covers the early exploration days of The Highlands – circa 1800 through 1853. If you missed the launch last month then we encourage you to read Greg’s Introduction and Chapter 1 featuring First Nations of our region.

You can use the “Leave a Reply” form at the bottom of each page if you have a comment or words of encouragement for Greg. Have some stories to tell or other thoughts to share with Greg? Just complete the form on our History page to start the dialogue – you might even get published on our world famous website!!

Bob Lake Association Town Hall

The BLA would like to welcome all Bob Lake property owners to join our one-hour virtual “town hall” meeting on February 20th at 10AM. We’ll cover a number of important topics, including the boat launch, Shoreline Preservation Bylaw, blue-green algae, and more. You can attend using either Zoom video conferencing services or YouTube live streaming. For meeting logistics and helpful tips on joining, please see our website. If you have any questions you’d like us to address please send them to Laurent Joncas. Please register your intent to attend through our website.

BLAst – January 2021

Check out our January 2021 BLAst newsletter – Shoreline Preservation Bylaw, boat launch update, hold-the-date for a BLA Zoom meeting on February 20, and more!!

EH! EnviroCafé on Blue Green Algae

Environment Haliburton is hosting a virtual EnviroCafé on February 9th at 7:30pm that will feature Dr Elizabeth Favot, Assistant Lake Steward Coordinator for FOCA, speaking about blue-green algae blooms. Dr Norman Yan and Fleming College’s Barb Elliot will also be there and asking Dr Favot questions about her Master’s Thesis on blue-green algae blooms.

Register for the Zoom event through the EH! website @

Post event update: – a recording of this is now available on YouTube (here). Great presentation and panel Q&A – highly recommended that everyone get their science on and watch this!

The History and Stories of Bob Lake

Bob Lake and its surrounding area is rich with history and steeped with stories to be told. We want to share that history and ask others to contribute with their feedback and family tales. To kickoff the conversation we’d like to introduce resident historian and long-time Bob Lake cottager Greg Pyke. Greg has been researching the history of Bob Lake and how our area came to be. You can read Greg’s biography and follow each chapter as they are released in his The Bob Lake History series. Checkout Chapter 1 – First Nations now!

Have some stories to tell or thoughts to share with Greg? Just complete the form on our History page to start the dialogue – you might even get published on our world famous website!!

Shoreline Preservation Bylaw

The County of Haliburton has been working on a new Shoreline Preservation Bylaw since 2017 to replace the existing Shoreline Tree Preservation Bylaw (enacted in 2012). The new bylaw expands measures to better protect the health of Haliburton lakes by regulating development on its shorelines. As lakefront property owners we know that lake health is paramount and we must do everything we can to protect it today and for future generations. Science has shown that the environmental state of a lake’s shoreline is critically linked to its overall health, which is why a comprehensive Shoreline Preservation Bylaw is so important.

The draft bylaw has drawn support from lake associations and individuals….but it has also drawn criticism and concern by both property owners and local trade organizations – saying that it goes too far in some areas, and needs more public consultation. A key part of the Bob Lake Association mission statement is to educate and inform our members on matters that help protect the lake and its environment. To deliver on that mandate we are urging all members to become familiar with the County’s efforts pertaining to the Shoreline Preservation bylaw so that you are informed with facts and aware of any opportunities to share your thoughts or participate in the process.

The following is a list of recommended references to review. Be sure to check back often as we will update this list from time to time.

Hazard Markers Removed

Our hazard marker buoys were removed from the lake today and replaced with the winter markers. Just one casualty – we lost our H6 buoy! It appears the rope loop got caught between some sharp rocks and worn through from the wave action. Please contact Dave Roberts ( or 647-278-0692) if you spot or manage to rescue our errant hazard marker buoy!

For more information please see our Hazard Marker webpage.

Haliburton County Internet Broadband Study

CHA is urgently asking all members to read this message from the County of Haliburton and to take action that will help support improvement to our Internet connectivity services!

Message from the County of Haliburton

Over the past months, the governments of Ontario and Canada have launched a number of programs to assist with funding the expansion of broadband internet. The County of Haliburton has decided to take steps to ensure government funding is secured to improve broadband internet connectivity in the underserved areas of our county.

We have identified an initial funding program (Improving Connectivity for Ontario or ICON Program) and are asking for your assistance to measure your actual internet experience.

Please go to, confirm your location, and START the speed test.

If possible, go back to the website and run the test at different times of the day. We are hoping to collect a significant set of datapoints by the end of October.

After analysing the data, we will proceed to approach various ISPs to solicit their interest in partnering with us to apply for funding assistance. The County has retained the services of Kuro Partners to assist with the analysis of the data and the application process.

If we are successful in engaging with one or more ISPs we will apply to the ICON program beginning in early winter 2020-2021. Funding announcements would be made in Spring 2022 at which point we would proceed to negotiate contracts with the government and the successful ISP.

Thank you for your assistance.

The Natural Edge

Are you a landowner concerned about the state of your shoreline’s health?

For a limited time, and thanks to partners at Watersheds Canada, The Land Between organization can offer free or reduced site visits and starter kits of native plants as well as other assistance in making your shore line more natural and habitat-healthy. Contact them at

Safe Boating Labour Day Weekend Update

Check out our Safe Boating Labour Day Weekend Update, which includes details on:

Be Bear Wise

As the summer season in bear country continues, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have been working hard to provide outreach, awareness and education to short-term and long-residents within our district, in regards to human-wildlife conflict prevention. The MNRF’s goal is to provide good, reliable information so residents in the area may be well informed to prevent any future wildlife conflicts, as well as what they should do if they encounter a bear in their area. Please take a few moments to view the information on their Be Bear Wise website ( and this short Instagram video.

Hazard Buoys Deployed

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions we were able put all eight hazard buoys out on the lake earlier today – just one week later than our ideal schedule. Refer to our Hazard Marking web page for more details and our Maps web page for exact locations. You can contact us using the form on our Safe Boating web page if you have any comments or questions.

Septic Tips

No doubt that COVID-19 has kept many of us away from the cottage. Despite that, here is a good reminder about your septic system from CHA for when restrictions ease and we find ourselves reunited with the lake again!!