Boat Launch

In the spring of 2016, after many decades of uninterrupted use, the only public boat launch on the land-locked Bob Lake was barricaded. While advertised as a public launch and maintained by the township for its entire existence, it turns out the launch was located on private land. The owner wanted to sell and decided to block access citing liability concerns – stranding over one hundred Bob Lake cottager boats on the water. Our saga has been well document in the public record as referenced on our News/History page.

The closing of our only public boat launch was actually the impetus that formed our association, and it remains our top priority. The boat launch committee has been working steadily for over two years with both town Council and staff to find a solution.

Our first delegation to Council was made in November 2017. Details of this and its eventual rejection can be found on our Launch Proposal Plan A web page. Our second delegation to Council was made in April 2019. Details of that delegation and its rejection can be found on our Launch Proposal Plan B web page.

The BLA board and the boat launch committee remain undeterred by Council’s response thus far – we are not going away and will never give up! Watch here for updates as we regroup to plan the next phase of our strategy…