2018 Municipal Election

The Board has reached out to all candidates in an attempt to gather information on their background, political platform, and opinion on some key concerns shared by Bob Lake property owners. An introduction to our association and a summary of our boat launch issue was provided, along with the following questions:

  1. Do you have a website or any documentation that describes your background, experience, and platform on key matters you feel are a priority? This is important for those who cannot attend candidates’ debates.
  2. What is your opinion on mandatory septic system inspections?
  3. What is your position on the current Shoreline Tree Protection by-law and the County’s soon-to-be–developed and more inclusive Shoreline Protection By-law?
  4. Lastly, and most importantly, as a council member, would you support the restoration of a public boat launch on Bob Lake?

Candidate’s unedited responses are provided below. As a Bob Lake Property owner we hope that you will use these responses along with your own research to help make informed voting decisions.

Jarrett Campbell

Mayor, Jarrettcampbell2018@gmail.com, 705-344-3871

<Initial Response: Sep 19, 2018, 8:15 AM>

Good morning Dave, I did finally respond to Pete last night. I apologize for the delay. I have read the Bob lake website in regards to the boat launch. I feel you have very valid points. I also agree that are lakes in Minden Hills should have public access for everyone to enjoy.

Would it be possible to have you or a member of your association take me to the proposed “Claude Brown” site and perhaps show me around the lake to get me more up to speed? I have read your questions get to them before the 28th.

I’m very interested in this situation. Feel free to call me.


Jarrett Campbell

705 344 3871

<Follow-up Response: Sep 30, 2018, 6:50 PM>

Good morning Mr. Roberts, I would like to apologize for my untimely response. My name is Jarrett Campbell. I have lived in Minden Hills my entire life. My wife and I are raising our 3 children here. I own and operate a trucking / storage company right here in the town of Minden.

I’m in favor of mandatory inspections. I don’t necessarily agree with the way they are being conducted. I would like to see a handful or more LOCAL inspectors that the municipality has approved. Giving the property owner some choice. Inspections should also start with the oldest sites working toward newer.

Although I do agree we need to protect our lakes and shorelines. It’s my belief that the property owner should have more rights. The amount of money you paid for the property not to mention what is paid annually in tax should entitle you to do what you want with your property. AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH ANYONE ELSES ENJOYMENT.

I am aware of the pressing issue with the Bob Lake  situation regarding a public boat launch. I fully agree you should have a public boat launch. Together with the bob lake association I feel we should be able to find a viable solution for all. You all purchased your property under the assumption there was  an existing boat launch on Bob Lake. It does not matter how it was determined that the launch was no longer available. What does matter is you do not have one and you rightfully deserve one. I’m not understanding why it is taking so long to come up with a solution for this. If elected I am committed  to finding a solution.

Thank you

Jarrett Campbell

Brent Devolin

Mayor, dbdevolin@gmail.com, 705-455-7077

<Sep 19, 2018, 8:05 AM>


I have attached a file that answers the 4 questions that you have sent to all candidates. I hope this is satisfactory, if not contact me. As well encourage any of your members that want additional info to follow the local papers and radio on the campaign trail. Other groups like Environment Haliburton, CEWF, etc. also have web pages or social media with questions put to the candidates as well. My candidate contact info is as follows,

Brent Devolin


705-455-7077 phone/text

Thanks Brent

Wayne Hancock

Mayor, wjhancock@sympatico.ca, 705-447-0557, www.wayne4mayor.com

<Sep 25, 2018, 8:58 PM>


Further to our recent meeting and emails, I just wanted to follow up on your requests to the questions below:

1. I have attached my election flyer which outlines my history in the area, my experience as a Municipal Engineer, and my election position on several issues before our Township. I do not believe these issues are being handled properly or with financial accountability to us , the taxpayers.

2. I believe that we must continue with mandatory septic system inspections. We must have deficient systems corrected in order to ensure clean water quality for our lakes. I have offered the opinion that while property owners must be ordered to fix their systems, the Township might consider how to help financially to have this work completed. For example, can we encourage property owners to retrofit their systems with a low interest loan to paid of as part of their property taxes, Do we have options like this available to encourage correcting these even before the mandatory inspection.

3. I support the shoreline protection bylaw 100%. I have suggested that while they reinforce this bylaw, consideration might be given to replanting areas where the shoreline has been cleared. This might help to achieve what we need on our shorelines.

4. As I have noted, I would support the restoration of the Bob Lake Boat Launch. I believe as I have  noted that there is a away to achieve this that will work for all parties involved. I, also believe this can be completed without major cost outlays.

Thank you again for allowing me some time to meet and speak with your executive about this and several other items of that we, the Township and taxpayers, will have to deal with.

Wayne Hancock

Ron Nesbitt

Councillor at Large, samuriron@hotmail.com, 705-286-3823

<No response>

John Teljeur

Councillor at Large, john.teljeur@gmail.com, 705-286-6573, www.johnteljeur.com

<Sep 15, 2018, 9:04 AM>

Good morning Mr Roberts,

I have been speaking with Nick Waddell, who has been filling me in on details of the issues and background on the boat launch for your lake. He had mentioned that I should speak to you as well. As I had mentioned to him, I find it very disappointing that the municipality/council has seemingly moved on from this issue even though they may have played a role in its genesis.

I would appreciate the opportunity to see the proposed sites and get additional background of the issues and opportunities. I am a firm believer that there is a solution to any issue if you work hard enough to find one.

As for your other questions:

  1. My website is www.johnteljeur.com I have laid out a number of issues that concern me as well as some initiatives I would like to see for our township. I have also attached my brochure.
  2. I am in favour of a mandatory inspection of septic systems in the municipality. Given the results to date from Dysart where there is a 40-60% failure rate, our lakes need protection. I do take issue with the proposed Minden Hills plan that was based on one tender submission and is fraught with time and cost overruns potential which would put additional burden on the taxpayers of Minden Hills. A simple but effective septic inspection program should be a priority of council.
  3. I am in agreement with shoreline protection provisions. The ecosystem of our lakes are fragile and, in many cases, at a tipping point. Given that so much of our economy (and health) relies on the quality of water, we must take measures to protect it. I do have concerns regarding the realities of enforcement. That is not to say we shouldn’t take measures, in this case to protect our shorelines and lakes, but what will be the measures taken to enforce these bylaws? Words without action are just words.
  4. I would be an advocate to find a solution to the Bob Lake boat launch issue. The municipality cannot let an issue that they have played a role in creating, simply fade away without making an earnest effort to find a reasonable solution. In my opinion, that has not happened. Given the conditions of other boat launches and the minimal amount of maintenance set aside in the budget, I am sure they are not eager to add another.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My home number is 705-286-6573

Richard Bradley

Councillor Ward 1, richardbradleyformindenhills@gmail.com, 705-454-3643

<Sep 14, 2018, 11:13 PM>

Hi Dave,

  1. I have attached a pamphlet that I am distributing.
  2. I believe Septic systems should be inspected in the least intrusive/expensive way possible.
  3. I support the tree and shoreline protections.
  4. I fully support that a public boat launch should be restored on Bob Lake and have read much of your website and the newspaper articles that have chronicled the issue.

I would love to chat please call me at 416-452-8616…Richard

Clayton Cameron

Councillor Ward 1, claytonmcameron@hotmail.com, 705-286-3827

<Sep 22, 2018, 11:03 AM>

Dave:  I don’t have a web site. I would sooner talk on the phone to address issues. The personal touch is lost in emails.  I have attached answers to other similar questions that will give you an idea of my experience. As for the boat launch on Bob Lake we need to look for a solution. Hopefully there is an answer out there somewhere.  Shoreline restoration needs to be encouraged and enhanced wherever possible. If we lose our lakes we have nothing left.

  1. I have lived on the Scotch Line Road for 32 years. I have 28 years of Public Works experience, 16 of which were in Minden Hills, responsible for roads, landfill, water/sewer, parks and recreation and cemeteries. I also have 22 years on local council, 19 years on Somerville Township (now part of City of Kawartha Lakes) and 3 years of which were on Minden Hills council from 2004-2005-2006. I have a 4 year University Degree in Science from Guelph University, graduated in 1976. I am now retired and am confident that my experience and knowledge would be an asset at the council table.
  2. I think the most important issue facing Minden Hills is the status of the private septic systems in the township. If we lose our waterfront properties to pollution we have nothing left. There is a way to set up an inspection program to identify polluting properties and have them cleaned up. We need the right plan, implemented in the right way to ensure the continued use of our lakes.
  3. Housing has always been the responsibility of the upper tier (County) and the Province. This is not the time for the Townships to be expanding their mandate and getting involved in housing.
  4. Downtown revitalization is an uphill battle. Council needs to be aware of the possible uses for the downtown and how changes and upgrades can be accommodated to allow the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive and grow. There have been some recent upgrades on the Main Street that are a benefit to the whole community.
  5. To the best of my knowledge the arena upgrade has been approved and a contract awarded. There was considerable effort expended to come up with a proposal to move forward. It will be difficult to stop the process at this late date. There may be some savings to be had on the project to reduce the cost. To keep people coming to the area you must offer some kind of service. Hopefully once visitors have seen the area they will come back again. It was unfortunate that Council approved the project just before the lame duck status took effect. It raises suspicions about the process.

Bob Carter

Councillor Ward 1, bob.carter@bell.net, 705-286-2545

< Sat, Sep 29, 3:04 PM>

Do you have a website or any documentation that describes your background, experience, and platform on key matters you feel are a priority?

I have attached my brochure which gives information on my background and my policy positions. For those on Facebook I also have a Facebook page Bob Carter – Minden Hills

What is your opinion on mandatory septic system inspections?

I am the President of the Lake Kashagawigamog Organization and we have worked for a number of years to pressure both Dysart and Minden Hills to take action on this important issue. As you know, we have already had one identified Blue-Green Algae bloom on a Haliburton Lake so far this year. We all have a responsibility to be stewards of these lakes so that future generations can enjoy them as we do. The lakes are the reason we come here. They are vital to the community and anything that  endangers these lakes needs to be addressed proactively.

I am in favor of a mandatory septic inspection / rehabilitation program that can be done as soon as possible. This should entail the whole community as we need to protect our lakes and the wetlands that flow into our lakes. It is unfortunate that we will probably have four different septic inspection programs in Haliburton County but I will continue to work to ensure that the program in Minden Hills is effective and completed in a timely manner. I will also ensure that this is an ongoing process.

What is your position on the current Shoreline Tree Protection by-law and the County’s soon-to-be–developed and more inclusive Shoreline Protection By-law?

The LKO and I have worked closely with the CHA in encouraging the County to change their current by-law. The County is working on a new-bylaw and they did make a minor change to their present by-law in the interim. We in the LKO have been active participants in the Love your Lake Program and we assisted some homeowners who wished to rehabilitate their properties and try to return their shorelines to a more natural state. We know the benefits of this to the lakes and we need to have the regulations in place that prevent the mistakes of the past.

We have had examples on Kashagawigamog this year of people altering their property by following the County By-laws to the letter by not cutting trees greater than 10cm but clear cutting everything else to put in a lawn, beach, retaining walls and a dock. Although they complied with County By-laws they did not comply with MNRF rules. Complaints from the LKO and the town were met with dismissal from the MNRF.

This issue need to involve all level of government and I will work with the lake associations, CHA, FOCA, CEWF and individuals to put  pressure on all levels of government to ensure that we have the laws that allow us to enjoy our lakes and to protect our lakes.

Lastly, and most importantly, as a council member, would you support the restoration of a public boat launch on Bob Lake?

If possible, I would like all of our lakes to have a public boat launch. I know that your association and the town did not reach a resolution based on a different definition of needs and the resulting cost estimates. I also know that you have continued to work on this issue and I fully commit to working with you to get a public boat launch on Bob Lake.

Jennifer Hughey

Councillor Ward 1, hughey.jennifer@gmail.com, 705-854-1205,  http://bitly.com/hugheycampaign

< Fri, Sep 21, 7:28 AM>

Hello and good morning Dave,

Please find my responses and materials attached.

I do appreciate you providing me the opportunity and welcome further discussion via phone if you would like to.

ANSWERS BELOW and attached.

Do you have a website or any documentation that describes your background, experience, and platform on key matters you feel are a priority? 

My website is http://bitly.com/hugheycampaign and I am adding to the blog portion as much as I can, with news updates and campaign trail info. The final month I will step this up much more. I am very active on social media and you could let your members know they could follow me on Facebook for more information. https://www. facebook.com/HugheyCampaign. Also, attached are some pieces of literature (JH1 & JH2 & JH3) I have been circulating through the township through advertising methods and good-old-fashioned door-to-door. I was planning a door-to-door in the area soon and have attached a speech I gave to the Horseshoe Lake Property Owners Association for you to share to get a feel for my priorities.

What is your opinion on mandatory septic system inspections?

Natural shorelines are extremely important to maintain water quality, ecosystems, and overall lake health. And I 100 percent agree that it’s important to understand just how vulnerable our lakes really are. Part of that health is determined and measured by the amount of pollution seeping from septic tanks. Residents are suggested to have their septic tanks pumped every two to three years to promote optimal shore line health.

Minden Hills has been active in responding to lake associations’ requests for a mandatory inspection program. Which many of you would suggest is a long-time coming, so I support this initiative to better ensure your lake stays healthy for years to come. It’s better to be prepared and understand the consequences and education will be a part of that.

What is your position on the current Shoreline Tree Protection by-law and the County’s soon-to-be–developed and more inclusive Shoreline Protection By-law?

Ever since high school biology and worked on the revitalization of many areas in and around the County of Haliburton, it’s been important to me to continue learning and being a part of environmental initiatives. My position is one of support of by-law 3505 and would also support the more inclusive Shoreline Protection By-law. As previously stated, in order to maintain ecosystems already well-established in our communities, natural shorelines are absolutely imperative.

Lastly, and most importantly, as a council member, would you support the restoration of a public boat launch on Bob Lake? 

I have been following this since last year and as I mentioned to a few other Bob Lake residents (both year-round and seasonal), even though council say they looked into if severance was possible, or tried to find another spot to put the public boat launch on the lake, it’s hard to believe those things without the proper transparency.

I did like the idea of having road associations enter into partnerships and am not sure why the township’s lawyer would fully advise against that vs. gathering case studies or best practices from other townships to see what worked for others. One needs to consider a grandfather clause – which as we know (or Wikipedia tells us) is a provision in which an old rule continues to apply to some existing situations while a new rule will apply to all future cases. And then, those exempt from the new rule are said to have grandfather rights or acquired rights, or to have been grandfathered in.

This is what I would support, a discussion regarding a grandfathering of those able to use the boat launch and that it be maintained by the Association, with a stipend from the municipality on an annual basis. Create that partnership and allow the discussion of how MORE lakes in our municipality could have partner-maintained access (where the cost is shared by the Association and the Township).

Thank you,

Jennifer Hughey

Conference Editor | Editorial Consultant | Freelance Writer/Editor | Project Manager


c 705-854-1205

Did you know I am aspiring to be a politician, in my spare time? I’d love your support.

https://www.gofundme.com/ hugheycampaign

Rob Luke

Councillor Ward 1, robluke1047@gmail.com, 705-455-2698

<Mon, Sep 17, 6:08 PM>

I will look into this and get back to you.

<Mon, Sep 24, 8:10 PM>

Hi Dave
I have had a chance to look at your plans.
I am very impressed with the effort that has been put into solving this problem.
I must ask what has the councils main objections been or are the objections coming from the planning dept.???
<Mon, Sep 25, 7:31 PM>
Hi Dave,
I agree with you that the costs have been over stated to say the least.
I would like to meet with you at the site if possible just to get a better lay of the land.
I have some time on Friday the 28th after 11:00 am if you are free.
I am a face to face kind of guy so let’s meet and go to work on this.
Rob Luke.

Dwight Thomas

Councillor Ward 1, no email address, 705-457-0303

<No response>

Mike Grozelle

Councillor Ward 2, migroz@nexicom.net, 705-454-9413

<Sep 16, 2018, 1:59 PM>

Hello Dave I was aware they had closed the Bob Lake boat ramp. Thanks to your e-mail I now know how you are making out with getting a new one. I would be interested in meeting with your Association to determine what you need me to do to help you move forward.

  1. I will have a pamphlet ready soon out lining my platform priorities.
  2. The mandatory septic inspections to the best of my knowledge is to see that both sides of the tank are the same height, that indicates the tank is working properly. this helps reduce the phosphorus levels in the lakes.
  3. I think we have enough by-laws I think each property should be looked at on an individual bases shoreline ownership/structure/access.
  4. And again I will help you in any way you need me too to help with a new boat ramp.

Look forward to working with you, any questions please call me at any time Mike Grozelle ward 2 candidate.

Pam Sayne

Councillor Ward 2, saynepam@gmail.com, 705-454-9804

<Sep 26, 2018, 4:32 PM>

1.     Do you have a website or any documentation that describes your background, experience, and platform on key matters you feel are a priority? 

I am providing you links to four internet sites that you can distribute to inform voters of all the Candidates background and position on several issues. Please distribute. I am not maintaining an election website. I prefer direct emails and phone calls with concerns. Just to know me better I am also including my business website .  The last 3.5 years of local newspaper articles covering my present term as your Councillor could also be accessed online. If you find you can support me I have attached a PDF to be distributed through face book, personal email and other social media distribution. I can be reached by email saynepam@gmail.com and by phone 705 454-9804.

See links below:

  • Here is a link to Environment Haliburton – The septic inspection question is included with others.
  • The Coalition for Equitable Water Flow also asked questions of all candidates. See responses here.
  • The Minden Times local Newspaper is subscribed online (or available at local stores) and will have all the candidate’s responses to several questions. I expect the candidates answers to specific questions will be in this week’s publication, Sept 27th. if not the week after.
  • The other local paper is the Highlander. Here is the link. It is available on line or at local stores.  They have asked a different set of questions to all candidates as well.

2.     What is your opinion on mandatory septic system inspections?

Mandatory septic systems inspections are long overdue. This is a home and cottage owners’ responsibility, along with other utility costs. The Municipality should require inspection and pumping by professionals with Ontario Building Code credentials and are insured. (Many private companies have such.)  It should not be a general tax burden. Our rural property owners do not have the extra charge for town water and sewage. Those on town water and sewage, paying more for town water and sewage, do not need to bare the cost of our septic inspections, maintenance and monitoring.

I have worked with the Ontario Onsite Waste Water Association helping to develop the protocol for inspections that can be followed. Deadlines for inspections need to be set realistically and soon, starting with properties on lakes and waterways. The municipality must receive the Septic System Reports with satisfactory working conditions by a set date and ongoing, potentially at least every 5 years.  If Reports are not received, then further action by the Municipality needs to be taken on all our behalf and charged to the property owners. If there are situations where the home owner cannot afford to repair their system, options can be considered on how to finance corrections. See further response to this question in the attached links.

3.     What is your position on the current Shoreline Tree Protection by-law and the County’s soon-to-be–developed and more inclusive Shoreline Protection By-law?

I am in support of the Shoreline Tree Protection by-law. One of the problems we have is that people are not familiar with the by-law or understand the affects it has on shore line erosion and water quality and habitat.

4.     Lastly, and most importantly, as a council member, would you support the restoration of a public boat launch on Bob Lake?

Yes, and I will continue do what I can to restore a boat launch for Bob Lake.  It is short sited for the Municipality not to be working with the residents and newly formed Association on this issue. The Municipality holds similar problems where property values and expectations are challenged. The increased seagull problems, parking problems with QEII park, improper curve designs and parking restrictions affecting businesses downtown, off roading (off designated trails) vehicles destroying species at risk habitat, road parking blocking fire and emergency accesses to name a few. The boat launch and these everyday issues are most important to me.

I did explore the Claude Brown launch with members of Bob Lake. We need to come up with answer to solve this situation for those on Bob Lake, not let Bob Lake work on solutions that the Municipality then says no to when presented. There must be a better way to get this done.

Russ Duhaime

Councillor Ward 3, rduhaime@live.com, 705-286-4255

<Sep 26, 2018, 2:31 PM>

1.     Do you have a website or any documentation that describes your background, experience, and platform on key matters you feel are a priority? 

I bring a wealth of volunteer experience that proves I have the sort of energy and enthusiasm to promote progress in our community.

Since moving to Gelert 30 years ago, I have been involved many community organizations. I have committed countless volunteer hours promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, and involving myself with a variety of community groups.

One of the cornerstones of a vibrant community is the availability of recreational opportunities. To encourage this, I have coached hockey, baseball, soccer, whitewater kayaking, track and curling.

With Whitewater Ontario, I worked with a team of volunteers to secure grants to refurbish the building and grounds at the Minden Whitewater Preserve.  I also served on the sports committee that prepared the Preserve for the Pan Am games.

Additionally, I volunteered for almost 10 years with the Ontario Curling Association as the zone representative for junior curling. This involved arranging, scheduling and officiating at as many as six tournaments each season. Extending the curling season into the summer, I was involved in the organization and coaching at three very successful curling camps which were held at the Minden arena.

My community involvement has also included working with the Minden BIA close to twenty years ago, part of which involved co-ordinating the very first season of Music by the Gull. I served on the board of directors for CHACE I also volunteered on the Gelert Hall board

I am also very familiar with the workings of Municipal Governments. My previous career as a journalist has made me very familiar with the world of municipal politics. I worked as a news reporter and editor for almost 10 years. In this role, I reported on five to ten council meetings each month.

Most recently, I retired from work as an educational assistant at Haliburton Highlands Secondary School. With this new freedom I will be able to devote my full attention to my role on council.

As a councillor, I will always be looking for ways to remove obstacles standing in the way of positive growth? This applies to everything from housing to recreation to internet service to roads and to waste management.

2.     What is your opinion on mandatory septic system inspections?

The health of our lakes is vitally important to everyone who cares about our county. For that reason, I am in favour of mandatory septic inspections.

3.     What is your position on the current Shoreline Tree Protection by-law and the County’s soon-to-be–developed and more inclusive Shoreline Protection By-law?

Again, environmental protection is important. However, I am not familiar with the specifics of either of these by-laws, do I will withhold judgement.

4.     Lastly, and most importantly, as a council member, would you support the restoration of a public boat launch on Bob Lake?

Providing a public boat launch on Bob Lake makes perfect sense and I will support this endeavour provided it can be accomplished at a reasonable cost and with minimal effect on neighbouring properties.

Jean Neville

Councillor Ward 3, e_jneville@hotmail.com, 705-286-2345

<Sep 26, 2018, 8:57 PM>

This should answer some of your questions. As to reopening a boat launch on Bob Lake, I would listen to the proposal as I have in the past. This seems a true possibility and pleased that residents are diligently researching a solution for this issue. Spending Tax dollars  of course must be justified.

We have had a myriad of questions by several groups prior to this election as I have not seen before. Possibly the lakefront property owners could correlate a few questions that would  cover all shore front concerns.