Launch Survey #2

Back in 2020 the BLA issued a survey as part of our ongoing efforts to help resolve our boat launch issue on Bob Lake (summary of results can be found here). The BLA would like to update that survey and refresh our statistics as we investigate a set of new boat launch solutions and prepare to bring those to our newly elected Council.

Some of the options we’re considering include the concept of a “shared-private” solution where the BLA would take on the responsibility of building and maintaining the boat launch with some level of usage restrictions (ex. not for general public use). We are looking at a few different options that fall under the “shared-private” model which would vary in land ownership and proposed usage restrictions. Details won’t be drawn up and shared until we decide on a more definitive path forward.

As part of our boat launch restoration efforts, it’s critical that we have honest representation from as many Bob Lake property owners as possible. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete. Please limit your responses to one per property. The questions on financing support are not meant to be binding – we are just trying to formulate a reasonable estimate on the level of support out there. Please try to complete the survey before October 31.

Please ensure you press “Next” to proceed through all sections and press “Submit” on the final section.

Click HERE to start the survey