The History and Stories of Bob Lake

Bob Lake and its surrounding area is rich with history and steeped with stories to be told. We want to share that history and ask others to contribute with their feedback and family tales. To kickoff the conversation we’d like to introduce resident historian and long-time Bob Lake cottager Greg Pyke. Greg has been researching the history of Bob Lake and how our area came to be. You can read Greg’s biography and follow each chapter as they are released in his The Bob Lake History series. Checkout Chapter 1 – First Nations now!

Have some stories to tell or thoughts to share with Greg? Just complete the form on our History page to start the dialogue – you might even get published on our world famous website!!

One Comment on “The History and Stories of Bob Lake

  1. Fascinating story Greg. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you for all your work on this subject.
    Karen Empey.


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