BeShore Haliburton

For those that missed the full-page ad in last week’s Highlander, be sure to checkout BeShore Haliburton’s new website at BeShore Haliburton is “a growing Not-For-Profit coalition of Haliburton County residents, associations and businesses, dedicated to ensuring that future generations will enjoy the same priceless memories of life by our beautiful lakes as we do.“. Their website offers an excellent resource for understanding what drives the health of our lakes and what we can do to help that. Lots of facts and references around Haliburton’s Shoreline Preservation Bylaw, septic system health, blue-green algae, and more.

Also, Haliburton’s renowned Dr Norman Yan will be conducting a webinar entitled “All About the Smallest Critters in our Lake” on Tuesday May 18 at 7:30pm. Read more about this here and watch for registration at

3 Comments on “BeShore Haliburton

    • I couldn’t find any reference that associated the Trent-Severn Waterway with BeShore Haliburton. That could be, but what is the significance of that?


      • Hi,

        Judging from recent conversations I’ve had, it bothers a number of people that the TSW’s manipulation of water levels, and the shoreline degradation that arguably causes, doesn’t seem to enter into the community discussion (about the proposed shoreline bylaw).

        The TSW has also changed the “high water mark” from its natural value, and which as you likely know figures prominently in the proposed bylaw setbacks.

        I’m not sure much can be done about this, given how governance is structured in Canada, but I believe that’s what is behind the TSW comment above.


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