Found Floating Things

We have a few items this spring that members have retrieved off the lake – a small floating dock, a ramp, and a sailboard (see pictures below). If you recognize any of these, or have any idea who the owner is, then please contact Dave Roberts by email ( or phone (647-278-0692).

Found Floater
Found Ramp
Found Sailboard

2 Comments on “Found Floating Things

  1. A beige and turquoise Water Wheeler paddleboat drifted into our bay this morning and was pushed up into Bob Creek by the breeze where it rests on a sandbar. Contact for more info and photo.


  2. My mom who cottages on the north end of the lake (on Claude Brown Road) found a small boat floating this past weekend. It was a blue Basslender 10.9 with a small Evinrude motor on it. It looked like it was about to sink so we towed it to shore and pulled it up on our beach area and tied it up for the meantime. I have a picture of it but don’t think I can post it on here. If you think it’s yours, text my at (905)-410-2001 and we can get it sorted out.


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