Hazard Markers Removed

Our hazard marker buoys were removed from the lake today and replaced with the winter markers. We added extra floatation this year – mostly empty RV anti-freeze jugs that I had hanging around. Thankfully we didn’t lose any this year – all 8 buoys are safely tucked away for the winter!

Expect another notice in the May when the hazard buoys are relaunched. Also, watch for a Why Wakes Matter campaign coming from us in the spring. Until then, have a safe and enjoyable off-season!!

For more information please see our Hazard Marker webpage.

One Comment on “Hazard Markers Removed

  1. You are an amazing guy Dave, you do so much for our lake and all your friends. Thanks again for doing this, we would have so many more boat and rock crashes if it weren’t for you.
    Thanks 🎉


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