Hot Tips & Cool Bits!

The Latest Buzz About Flying Drones

Did you know that Transport Canada issued new rules and regulations for drones in June 2019? In many cases, you must carry a valid drone pilot certificate and your drone must be marked and registered before you can fly it. Read our summary about all this here.

The Poop on Minden Hills Septic Re-inspection Program

Minden Hills Council has awarded a contract with WSP Canada to complete Type 3 septic tank inspections across the township. Inspections are expected to start in the spring of 2020. Read the full report to learn the details – including the expected homeowner costs involved.

Hazards on Bob Lake Get Clearer

The Safe Boating Committee has begun executing on phase one of its program around marking hazards on the lake. On Thanksgiving weekend we assembled and placed eight shoal markers consisting of cement blocks with rope and a winter float (16″ piece of 2″x4″ stained white). The winter floats will be replaced with proper Transport Canada hazard buoys in the spring. Two maps of the lake showing the exact hazard marker locations have been created – see here. Watch for more details on the Safe Boating web page.