Our Priorities

The board has established the following priorities for the Bob Lake Association based on input received through our survey, our Annual General Meeting, and general membership feedback.

Public Boat Launch

Restoring public launch access for Bob Lake remains our top priority. Unsurprising given this was the impetus for establishing our association in 2017, the top concern voiced through our survey, and voted overwhelmingly to remain our focus at both the 2018 and 2019 AGM. Read more about this on our Boat Launch web page.

Lake Stewardship Program

Maintaining the health of Bob Lake is paramount to everything we hold dear about cottage life – both now and for future generations. Get involved and read more about our budding Lake Stewardship Program here.

Implementing the Safe Boating Action Plan

Are you annoyed with the wake from speeding boats or worried about the cumulative shoreline impacts that results? Have you ever been concerned for swimmer’s safety with boats speeding through the narrows? What about all the unmarked (or poorly marked) hazards like rock shoals on the lake? Addressing these concerns are exactly what our Safe Boating working group is a focused on – read more here.