Important Safe Boating Update

The BLA’s Safe Boating Committee has been busy since last year’s AGM when our Safe Boating Action Plan was approved. This Action Plan included the installation of eight hazard markers and two speed signs at the north & south ends of the first narrows. Last fall the hazard marker bases with rope and winter floats were installed, and we’ve recently taken delivery of the Transport Canada approved hazard buoys. Also, the speed signs have been purchased and are ready to be installed. In support of all this, we have updated the Safe Boating page on our website, where you’ll find details on the hazard marking program, speed sign design, and two different maps highlighting the exact location and description of the marked hazards and speed signs.

Due to the pandemic, we will not be able to install the hazard buoys until we are given clearance by public health officials to be at the cottage and on the lake. In the interim, any boaters on the lake need to be cautious of the winter floats marking our eight hazard bases. These winter floats are 16-inch lengths of 2”x4” lumber painted white, and may have shifted from their proper location documented on our maps due to the winter ice conditions. Details of this can be found on our Hazard Marker webpage. Watch for further email updates and posts to our website as events unfold.

One Comment on “Important Safe Boating Update

  1. These are FANTASTIC! AND…. ALL PWC operators MUST respect the rules of SAFE boating! Today, a “NEW THIS YEAR” pontoon boat towing a KID IN A TUBE, blew past us in the 60 HP boat within 10 FEET of both our Boat/Dock and Later on 20 feet of my family cruising quietly on the NORTH end of the Lake. This is NOT the first time and it is VERY dangerous! I HIGHLY recommend that the BLA require a copy of ALL PWC Licences when they pay their dues! Dangerous Operation of a PWC is UNACCEPTABLE on our Lake!


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