Haliburton County Internet Broadband Study

CHA is urgently asking all members to read this message from the County of Haliburton and to take action that will help support improvement to our Internet connectivity services!

Message from the County of Haliburton

Over the past months, the governments of Ontario and Canada have launched a number of programs to assist with funding the expansion of broadband internet. The County of Haliburton has decided to take steps to ensure government funding is secured to improve broadband internet connectivity in the underserved areas of our county.

We have identified an initial funding program (Improving Connectivity for Ontario or ICON Program) and are asking for your assistance to measure your actual internet experience.

Please go to https://performance.cira.ca, confirm your location, and START the speed test.

If possible, go back to the website and run the test at different times of the day. We are hoping to collect a significant set of datapoints by the end of October.

After analysing the data, we will proceed to approach various ISPs to solicit their interest in partnering with us to apply for funding assistance. The County has retained the services of Kuro Partners to assist with the analysis of the data and the application process.

If we are successful in engaging with one or more ISPs we will apply to the ICON program beginning in early winter 2020-2021. Funding announcements would be made in Spring 2022 at which point we would proceed to negotiate contracts with the government and the successful ISP.

Thank you for your assistance.

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