Hazard Markers Removed

Our hazard marker buoys were removed from the lake today and replaced with the winter markers. Just one casualty – we lost our H6 buoy! It appears the rope loop got caught between some sharp rocks and worn through from the wave action. Please contact Dave Roberts (djgr66@gmail.com or 647-278-0692) if you spot or manage to rescue our errant hazard marker buoy!

For more information please see our Hazard Marker webpage.

3 Comments on “Hazard Markers Removed

  1. Thanks, Dave for doing this. You have a sense of community that we all should be emulating! Trina Wood


  2. We saw you out there working away, Dave! We figured you were changing those. Thank you for doing that and for all that you do to keep us safe on the lake!
    Steve and Donna


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