Bob Lake Association

BLAst – August 2018

Shoreline Tree Preservation By-Law Enacted

Read all about Haliburton County’s new ShoreLine Tree Preservation By-Law – a critical step forward in support of Mother Nature!

BLAst – July 2018

A Call For Volunteers

Volunteering to help grow the Association is not an onerous task. Work groups are a time-sensitive commitment, usually short in duration, which allow interested members to help develop a strategy/plan in a priority area. You may have specialised skills that the BLA could call on from time to time. You may be simply interested in helping out when an activity is being planned/held. You may even want to be part of the Board of Directors (you have until the spring of 2019 to think about this one).

To volunteer, simply send an email to and let me know what you will accept as a commitment.

2018 Annual General Meeting Report

Our 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held May 26, 2018 at the S.G. Nesbitt Memorial Arena and Community Centre. The Board of Directors Annual Report to members can be viewed here.

BLAst – April 2018

Mark you calendars for our 2018 AGM

Our 2018 AGM will be held on Saturday May 26 from 9am to noon at S.G. Nesbitt Memorial Arena & Community Centre. View the agenda and all the prep materials here.

BLAst – March 2018

Survey Results Are In!!

We polled Bob Lake property owners to get a baseline of demographics and an understanding of priorities in what they want to our association to focus on. Read the results of close-ended questions here and a summary of open-ended questions here.

BLAst – February 2018

BLAst – December 2017